Survey finds one in 20 UK adults have not eaten green veg in a month

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13th September 2018 16:52 - Food

Survey finds one in 20 UK adults have not eaten green veg in a month: We may tell our children to eat their greens, but according to a recent poll, one in 20 people have not eaten green vegetables for a month or even longer.
The survey conducted by Organic UK polled 1,500 adults and found 4% had not let peas, broccoli or other green vegetable pass their lips in a month, while 68% said it had been more than a week. 
Remaining at the bottom of the chart, the least popular green veggie was the sprout. The festival stalwart came in with 15% of the vote, while celery was a close second (13%) followed by the aubergine (10%). 
Looking into the nation’s health, the poll also revealed Brits are also neglecting to have their 5-a-day recommended portions of fruit and vegetables.
In terms of trying veggies, 53% said they had never tried okra, while other vegetables shunned are artichoke (37%), celeriac (36%), butternut squash (20%), kale (19%) aubergine (18%) and avocado (15%). 
How healthy are we?
When it comes to being healthy, only a third of respondents (37%) said they had a healthy diet, while 17% admitted they felt guilty about theirs. In addition, 16% said they feel ‘unhealthy’ for much of the time and 13% said the state of their diet caused them unhappiness. The poll also revealed 6% admitted their diet was poor all of the time. 
When it comes to eating fresh produce, many respondents revealed their diet was often lacking, with the average adult not having eaten a meal with the majority of its items constituting fresh fruit and veg for four days. Carbs (potatoes, pasta and chips) were the main dinner items making up 35% of our meals. 

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