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21st August 2013 11:52 - Food

Gut Week, an annual survey – now in its fifteenth year, recently looked into the eating habits of 2,000 adults across the UK. Findings show a quarter (24%) don’t eat three equal sized meals per day, a tenth (10%) snack three times a day, while nearly eight tenths (78%) have a snack after dinner at least once a week.

Reported findings shows that of respondents who have a working lunch – one in five ate lunch while hunched over their desk, contrasting the 6% who enjoyed a full lunch hour away from work. An additional third (33%) ate lunch within ten minutes or less.

Breakfast findings from the Gut Week survey shows that only seven in ten adults eat breakfast on a Sunday, one in ten (10%) eat breakfast in-front of their computer and over a third ate breakfast in-front of the television. The report also shows that people from Coventry double the national average for eating breakfast standing up or on the move, with statistics showing 31% and 14%, respectively.

Findings which include eating in-front of the television show – dinner was the most popular, settling at just under half (44%), followed by breakfast (35%).

Of respondents who cook their dinner at home, over eight in ten (81%) spend up to forty minutes cooking whilst three fifths (62%) spend just twenty minutes eating it.

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