Survey reveals 35% of Brits are drinking less alcohol during lockdown

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22nd April 2020 12:03 - Food

Survey reveals Brits are drinking less alcohol during lockdown: A survey asking people about their drinking habits at home during the coronavirus pandemic has found that just over a third of UK adults report drinking less alcohol. 

The survey polled more than 2,000 people for Alcohol Change UK (a charity formed by the merger of Alcohol Research UK and Alcohol Concern), in the two weeks after lockdown measures were announced.  It found that although more than a fifth of the respondents reported drinking more alcohol since the lockdown began on 23 March, around a third (35%) have either cut back on what they drink, or have abstained wholly - which, says the charity equates to 14 million people. 

The survey also revealed that although some had not stopped drinking entirely, 14% were having dedicated days where they do not drink alcohol. Almost one in 10 admitted they were being careful with how much alcohol they were buying during the pandemic, while 6% said they have given up drinking alcohol completely at this time. 

Amongst those who typically drink once a week, almost half reported cutting down or stopping drinking during lockdown (47%) the poll revealed. This compares to 27% of respondents who typically drink between two to six times per week, and almost a fifth of people who drink every day (17%).

The research also found that almost a fifth (17%) of the participants already classed as daily drinkers have upped their alcohol intake further during lockdown.

Chief executive of Alcohol Change UK, Dr Richard Piper, said: “This is the most extensive research yet into drinking during lockdown and it shows that this unprecedented period is having a significant impact on the way the UK drinks."

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