Survey reveals confusion over origin of everyday fruit and veg

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6th February 2019 16:26 - Food

Survey reveals confusion over where fruit and veg originate: A survey of 2,000 UK adults has found that many are in the dark about where the fruits and veggies they eat originate from, including apples, onions and cucumber.

Among the vegetables named as native to the UK were the butternut squash, sweet potatoes and artichokes  - listed by a third of respondents in the Crosse and Blackwell poll.

A quarter of respondents incorrectly believe that lentils also originate from the UK, along with Swiss chard (22%) and melon (12%) -- also catching people out. Pineapples, quinoa and avocados were also singled out as 'local' products in the survey.

Amongst the items respondents were unsure of when it came to origin were leeks (58%), kale (56%) cucumbers (47%), parsnips (44%) and onions (43%), while 4 in 10 were not clued up about where apples originate from.

The majority of those polled had never even thought about where they shopping originated from the survey found - with 6 in 10 admitting it had never occurred to them. However,  65% said they would like to buy British wherever possible.

The poll also revealed insight into our daily intake of fruit and veg, with over half (54%) saying they don't believe they eat enough; the typical adult only managing three of their five-a-day daily and a quarter only entertaining vegetables if they are hidden in a soup or sauce.

The average spend on fruit and veg per week came in at £8, according to the survey.

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