Survey reveals food diet myths Britons live by

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9th May 2018 17:14 - Food

food diet myths Britons live bySurvey reveals food diet myths Britons live by: There are plenty of old wives' tales out there when it comes to food, but a survey has revealed just how much people in the UK live by them. 
From chewing gum taking seven years to digest and carrots helping you see in the dark, the poll of 2,000 Britons revealed the food myths we most commonly believe and use – with four in ten people turning to them to inform their daily lifestyle..
The survey, commissioned by Spatone, revealed respondents believe skipping meals can aid weight loss, as can refraining from eating after 8pm. Others believe sugar is a great source of energy, and, despite being proven wrong in recent years, a fifth of those surveyed believe that eggs are bad for you, owing to their high cholesterol levels. 
One of the ‘myths’ that does have an element of truth, however, is that apples can help ‘clean your teeth’ – removing food and plaque as you chew. 
Energy levels 
When asked about their day-to-day energy levels, almost four in 10 were concerned that they do not take in enough energy. Monday is when we generally feel at our lowest ebb, followed by Wednesday and Thursdays. 
Respondents also revealed there were seven days in a month where they woke up feeling like they were without enough energy to see them through the day, while less than one in 10 saying their energy levels were 'excellent'.
Anna Lioni, brand manager for Spatone, said: “Our survey results found some worrying statistics about the lack of knowledge around energy sources.
“And it also showed more than half of Brits have felt so low in energy, they actually thought they were falling ill – with a quarter then consulting a doctor or health professional.
“Often, a lack of energy comes from a missing nutrient or vitamin, which supplements can help with – as part of a healthy, varied diet.”
Common food myths - but are they true or false?
‘Eating apples cleans your teeth.’ True
‘Carrots make you see in the dark.’ False
‘Eggs are bad for you because they are high in cholesterol.’ False
‘Sugar gives you energy.’ False
‘Skipping meals helps you lose weight.’ False
‘No pain while exercising means no gain.’ False
‘You shouldn’t eat a meal after 8pm if you want to lose weight’. False
‘Gum takes seven years to be digested.’ False

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