Survey reveals price promotions target predominantly unhealthy food

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4th August 2016 17:53 - Food

Survey reveals price promotions target predominantly unhealthy food: According to a recent food survey by Which?, supermarkets in the United Kingdom are being called upon to help tackle obesity by cutting the amount of unhealthy items they feature in their price promotions.Survey reveals price promotions target predominantly unhealthy food

The researchers at Which? explored data from mySupermarket, the price comparison website, on price promotions at Morrisons, Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado between the months of April and June. Which? discovered that of the 77,165 special offers in the supermarkets, 53 per cent were promoting unhealthy products which were high in fat, sugar, salt or saturates. In comparison, 47 per cent of promotions were on healthier items.

When comparing different food groups, the researchers discovered that 52 per cent of confectionary was on offer, in comparison with approximately one third of fresh fruit and vegetables. As well as this, 69 per cent of the soft drinks which fall into the high in sugar category were also on offer.

Drinks which fall into the high in sugar group are defined as having more than 8 per cent sugar content.

Which? uncovered that the most promoted unhealthy products were frozen chips and potatoes (78 per cent), pizzas (70 per cent) and soft drinks (70 per cent). On the other hand, the least promoted products were meat, dried fruit, fish and seafood, all of which were 32 per cent.

An alternative piece of research by Which? revealed that 29 per cent of individuals find eating healthy difficult, as they believed that healthy food is more expensive than unhealthy food.

As well as this, in a study of high street shops, supermarket, clothes shops, toy stores and chemists, Which? found that unhealthy snacks and confectionary are still being promoted near to the checkout.

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