Survey reveals that the majority of shoppers have not had difficulty with supermarket stock

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29th September 2021 14:49 - Food

Survey reveals that the majority of shoppers have not had difficulty with supermarket stock: A survey of consumers in the UK has found that whilst some people have experienced stock shortages of essential items in supermarkets in recent weeks, the majority have not.

The research by the Office for National Statistics polled a representative sample of 3,500 people between September 8 and 19, 2021.

It found that whilst around one in six (18%) said they have noticed 'limited' or 'no stock' when it comes to supermarket essential items, 61% have not had any issues at all with essential food and drink.

When asked about their current experiences in supermarkets, two-fifths of survey respondents said they had noticed less variety in supermarkets than they normally have access to, while a fifth (20%) said that they had experienced difficult finding an item they needed and could not find a replacement.  A minority of shoppers (13%) said that in order to purchase the products they needed they had to go to more shops than they usually would.

As well as food items, more than a fifth (22%) of UK adults reported some differences when trying to buy medicine or get a prescription compared to their usual experience.

Around one in eight (13%) said it has taken the pharmacy longer to sort the prescription, while 4% said the item they needed was unavailable with no replacement available, and the same percentage (4%) said that they have had to go to more pharmacies than they normally would to access what they need.

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