Three in 10 UK adults think about impact on the environment when buying food, finds poll

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28th April 2021 13:31 - Food

Three in 10 UK adults think about impact on the environment when buying food: A survey has revealed that more people are considering the impact on the environment when it comes to their food purchases, with 29% saying the are shopping more consciously due to climate change.
The survey by First Milk polled 2,161 UK adults in March 2021, finding that three-quarters of respondents are concerned about climate change (76%). It also found that a third of those polled (33%) believe that farming and the production of dairy products is significantly contributing to environmental issues and a change to the earth’s climate. 
The research highlighted that nearly half of the respondents polled (46%) believe that the rearing of animals for meat is a significant contributing factor to climate change, while 37% said that food waste is. 
The survey also asked people about their preferences when it comes to buying and consuming dairy products, with more than three-quarters (78%) saying that they would be more inclined to buy milk and other dairy products if they were from cows that have access to pasture and the outdoors. It also found that 63% of participants were concerned about the welfare of cows used within the UK dairy industry.
The majority of people surveyed (94%) said they buy dairy products for either themselves or for someone else, however, amongst 18-24 year-olds, this figure was considerably smaller (78%). 
When it comes to geographical regions, Northern Ireland came top for the purchase of dairy products, with 98% of respondents regularly buying them, compared to 78% in London, the lowest purchaser. 
Mark Brooking, sustainability director at First Milk said: “...we all share the responsibility for communicating to consumers about the great work going on across the farming sector and highlighting the importance of the many initiatives that underline the positive benefits of UK farming and food.”

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