Three in ten middle-aged people would be willing to drink lower strength alcohol, according to poll

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10th September 2019 12:56 - Food

Three in ten middle-aged people would be willing to drink lower strength alcohol: A survey of 40-64 year-olds commissioned by alcohol education charity, Drinkaware, has found that 29% would be willing to choose a lower-strength alcoholic drink and 86% are open to having drink-free days. 

The YouGov survey which polled over 3,000 people revealed that despite most of the respondents polled saying that they believe reducing the amount of alcohol they consume is good for their health, less than half (48%) have made efforts to do so for themselves.

When asked about ways they might try to cut down their consumption, three out of ten (30%) said they would be open to drinking a smaller sized alcoholic beverage than they typically do - the most popular strategy for cutting back, according to the poll. Consuming a drink that is lower in alcohol was selected by 29%, while 27% said they would be prepared to write down what they are drinking in order to give them a better picture of how much they consume. 

A fifth of respondents said they would be willing to refrain from drinking alcohol when they're at home, while just 19% would be willing to drink alcohol-free alternatives to their regular tipple. 

The majority of those polled said they would be open to introducing 'drink-free' says into their lives, which is something Drinkaware is encouraging in its Drink Free Days campaign. 

Elaine Hindal, the chief executive of the charity said: “If you drink regularly, one of the most simple and effective ways to improve your health and well-being is to have several drink-free days each week."

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