Three-quarters of consumers plan to switch to a more healthy diet due to COVID-19 fears, reveals survey.

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19th May 2020 18:30 - Food

Three-quarters of consumers plan to switch to a more healthy diet due to COVID-19 fears: A survey by FMCG Gurus has found that 73% of the people surveyed across 18 countries around the world plan to make healthier eating and drinking choices in a bid to improve their overall health. This comes as 76% revealed they were 'concerned' about COVID-19, with 59% worried about their overall health, and 57% with concerns over their immune system. 

The research asked 23,000 people about the measures they planned to take to boost their health, revealing that 58% were planning to up their intake of fruit, while 45% want to reduce the amount of sugar they consume, and 37% seek to increase their protein uptake. 

The environment

Findings from the survey also suggest that the coronavirus pandemic is making people think more about environmental issues too, with more than half saying the outbreak has caused them to become more mindful about the environment (55%) and a third (35%) saying they are more conscious about sustainability. 

Unable to enjoy pleasures such as eating out and meeting with friends, more than half the respondents polled (55%) said they have treated themselves to certain food products to boost their mood in the last month. Almost half of the global respondents polled also said they expect to see COVID-19 play a role in shaping our lives for at least the next year.

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