Three-quarters of respondents say maintaining existing food standards is 'very important', according to survey

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23rd October 2020 08:06 - Food

Three-quarters of respondents say maintaining existing food standards is 'very important': A survey of UK consumers has found that 94%  believe that as the UK continues to negotiate trade deals with the US and other countries, the maintenance of UK food standards is  important to consumers, with 74% saying it is 'very important'. 

The survey conducted by Which? polled more than 2,000 members of the British public online, with more than three-quarters (77%) saying they would not feel comfortable eating chlorinated chicken, and 81%  saying they would be uncomfortable eating beef or drinking milk from hormone-injected cattle. 

The results reveal the opposition to food produced below the current UK standard is consistent across all regions, political affiliations,and socio-economic groups. 

Breaking the results down further, the survey found that 95% of Conservative-voting participants said it was 'important' for the government to maintain standards, while 71% said it was 'very important'. Three-quarters (75%) said they were concerned that the UK government has not ruled out a ban on importing chlorinated chicken or beef which has been treated with growth hormones. A similar percentage (77%) were concerned that the current UK bans could be overturned without 'proper scrutiny' in Parliament. 

Of those who voted for Labour in the last election, 96% said that it is important the UK’s existing standards of food to be upheld, with 85% worried that the Government has not ruled out lifting current bans on chlorinated chicken and beef treated with hormones. Almost nine in 10 (87%) said they are worried that the government will remove these bans without it going down to a Parliamentary vote. 

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