1 in 7 councils in the United Kingdom are paying a ‘fair’ price for homecare

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9th March 2015 15:17 - Health

According to a recent survey by the UK Homecare Association, just 1 in 7 councils in the United Kingdom are paying a ‘fair’ price for homecare http://www.djsresearch.co.uk/subLevels/subLevel/22/Healthfor elderly people.

In the UK it is approximated that 500,000 people rely on homecare to help them do basic day-to-day tasks such as washing themselves and getting dressed.

During the survey, 200 local councils were questioned. It was found that 28 councils paid a minimum price of £15.74 an hour. Of this fee, 47p is set aside for profit or excess.

The minimum prices for each council are worked out by adding the national minimum wage to the cost of maintaining the service.

The UK Homecare Association believes that if these costs continue, the home care system would become too hard to keep running.

The association found out how much each council, and Northern Ireland health and care trusts, paid by asking each body under the freedom of information act.

Of the respondents, 28 were paying over £15.74 to external agencies, which provide health and social care in the United Kingdom.

The average hourly rate in the United Kingdom was £13.66 per hour.

Of the entire UK, Northern Ireland had the lowest average rate, with £11.35, and Wales had the hightest, with £14.28.

The areas which were paying less than £11 were: Liverpool, Knowsley and Nothern Ireland’s Western Trust.

On the other hand, Inverclyde was paying £22 per hour.

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