55% of British women report concerns about personal finance, work stress and mental health because of the pandemic, survey reveals

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25th November 2021 15:42 - Health

55% of British women report concerns about personal finance, work stress and mental health because of the pandemic: A recent survey by YouGov has revealed that more women (55%) reported concerns about their mental health, personal finance and work stress than men (36%). 
The study polled participants from 27 different countries for the Cambridge Globalism Project in order to find out how the pandemic has impacted different people from various cultures. 
When looking at how the pandemic had affected different age groups, the analysis showed half of 18-24-year-olds, in the UK, said it had affected their mental health; compared to a quarter of those aged 55 and over. In comparision, almost six in 10 young people in Italy reported that their mental health had been negatively affected, compared to 39% of older generations.
It was also found that Britain had one of the highest levels of optimism for the future (42%) with only Australia (45%), the United States (43%) and Canada (44%) highlighted as more optimistic nations.
The survey uncovered that people from Northern Europe were less likely to say the pandemic had affected their personal finances. Furthermore, 22% of British citizens admitted their finances had been affected by the pandemic, with just Sweden reporting a lower percentage (15%). Many southern hemisphere nations, such as Brazil (54%), Kenya (75%) and South Africa (59%), recorded higher figures.
When asked about whether they had moved to a new part of the country during the pandemic, just 4% of Brits said they had; the lowest percentage out of all the nations surveyed, alongside Denmark. Brazil and Saudi Arabia (22%) were found to be the countries with most population movement, just ahead of South Africa (21%).

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