58 per cent of Welsh adults overweight or obese, survey finds

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9th June 2015 12:29 - Health

According to the latest Welsh Health Survey, more than half (58 per cent) of Welsh adults are classified as either overweight or obese and58 per cent of Welsh adults overweight or obese, survey finds 22 per cent are obese.

Mark Drakeford, Health Minister, said that the lifestyle choices people are making are damaging their health and putting a strain on the NHS.

The findings indicated that there is an on-going decline in the amount of people in Wales who are smokers.

Director of the Welsh NHS Confederation, Helen Birtwhistle, said the data highlighted that a large amount of Welsh people are either overweight or obese, yet they are not participating in enough physical activity.

In 2014, the Welsh Health Survey spoke to 14,000 adults and 3,000 children and discovered that 40 per cent of adults drank more alcohol than the recommended amount, in the week prior.

Of the adult respondents, just 32 per cent said that they had consumed five or more portions of fruit and veg the day before being surveyed.

When looking at how often the respondents exercised, just 31 per cent of the adults in the survey said that they were physically active on five or more days in the week before taking part in the survey.

In the two weeks before being questioned by the researchers, 17 per cent said that they had been to speak to a doctor about their health. As well as this, 9 per cent of the adults in the survey said that they had been admitted to hospital as an inpatient in the last year and 32 per cent had been attending hospital as an outpatient.

However, of the children, 94 per cent said that they had very good or good general health. A further 21 per cent said that they had a long-standing illness, including 6 per cent who had a limiting long-standing illness.

According to Drakeford, the Welsh government has a responsibility to create the right environment, in which people can live a healthy life in. However, he added that each individual has a responsibility to take care of themselves.

"The NHS is there to help us in our time of need but with that comes a responsibility to use its resources wisely," he said.

Wales’ Chief Medical Officer, Dr Ruth Hussey, said of the survey findings: "While I take encouragement in the gradual improvement seen in our nation's health, the reality is that too many of us are still drinking too much, eating too much and not being active enough."

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