59% of Brits trust NHS and healthcare providers most when it comes to trust over data

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14th November 2019 15:41 - Health

59% of Brits trust NHS and healthcare providers most when it comes to trust over data: When it comes to using our personal data ethically, British adults trust the NHS and healthcare providers the most, according to the latest survey fundings from the Open Data Institute.

According to the findings of the Attitudes towards data ethics survey, the NHS and healthcare providers are trusted by 59% of the UK public when it comes to ethically using personal data they hold about us, followed by the emergency services - trusted by almost half those polled (47%). 

The survey of 2007 UK adults also found that people trusted banks and building societies more than they trust family and friends (42% vs 24% respectively). 

Trust for local government was held by just under a third (31%) of respondents,, followed by central government (30%), medical research charities (25%) and utility providers (18%). The least trusted organisations were marketing and advertising agencies (3%) and social media companies (3%), according to the findings. 

The survey revealed that almost nine out of ten (87%) people surveyed said they feel it is important for organisations to respect their data and use it in an ethically sound way. 

Jeni Tennison, CEO at the Open Data Institute said: “The survey shows us that people quite rightly expect organisations to use their personal data ethically. Organisations need to respond to their concerns and be more trustworthy in how they collect and use personal data.”

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