6 in 10 UK employers plan to invest in digital health

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5th February 2020 16:38 - Health

6 in 10 UK employers plan to invest in digital health: A survey has found that 62% of UK employers are planning to invest in more digital health solutions over the next five years. 

The survey by Mercer Marsh Benefits, polled 1,300 employers as well as 16,000 employees around the globe for its Health on Demand survey. This included more than 1,000 UK employees and 100 employers. 

It found that almost half the UK employees polled are enthusiastic about the prospect of digital health  innovation (47%), however, the survey also suggests that personalisation of such innovation would be key. 

Looking at the responses of UK employers, the vast majority polled (97%) said that their company will invest more, or the same amount as they have done already, in health and wellbeing services over the coming five years. 

Two thirds (67%) of employers said that they believe their company cares about the wellbeing of staff. However, when employees were asked the same question, the feedback was a little different, with just 37% saying they felt employers care about them.

The survey findings also suggest that employees perception about how much their employer cares for their wellbeing can be improved through offering a wider range of health and wellbeing resources.

While 38% of employees who were offered five or less health and wellbeing benefits feel their employer cares about them, this increases to 62% where employers offer 10 or more benefits. 

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