60% of young people Google symptoms before making GP appointment

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9th January 2019 16:32 - Health

60% of young people Google symptoms before making GP appointment: A survey looking at the behavioural differences between generations when it comes to health and wellbeing found that Generation Z (16 - 23-year old's) are twice as likely to google their symptoms before booking a doctor's appointment than Baby Boomers (aged 54 -72).

The survey for health communications agency, Pegasus, polled 500 respondents from the two groups and found 60% of Gen Z respondents said they consult the search engine before calling their GP compared to just 31% of Baby Boomers.

When it comes to mental health, twice as many Gen Z respondents (20%) use techniques such as mindfulness and meditation than the older demographic (10%), although the younger generation find it more difficult to talk to their GP about mental health issues. In terms of how they feel about taking prescription medicines for mental health reasons, 12% of Gen Zs feel unwilling due to the stigma, compared to just 3% of Baby Boomers.

The survey also asked the two age groups how they felt about the NHS, with both age groups showing concern for the institutions long-term outlook (69% Gen Z versus 72% Baby Boomers). The effect of Brexit on the NHS was also a big concern for Gen Zs with 59% feeling the UK's exit from the EU will impact the NHS in a negative way, against 28% of older respondents.

Gen Z

The report also reveals how beauty and health 'influencers' visible to people on social media are having both positive as well as negative effects on Gen Zs. Almost nine out of ten people polled said they regularly see posts from influencers, with 48% saying they feel sad they don’t look like the images they see (compared to 15% of Baby Boomers). Regularly viewing these influencer posts also provide inspiration to keep healthy according to 32% of Gen Zs.

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