61% of managers have experienced burnout as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, reveals survey

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23rd March 2021 15:47 - Health

61% of managers have experienced burnout as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic: A survey has found that more than six in 10 people in managerial positions have experienced burnout as a result of the last year and the coronavirus pandemic. The situation has been so bad for some managers, that one in five (20%) have considered resigning from their job.

The research by healthcare provider, Benenden Health surveyed 1,007 UK working managers (non-furloughed) in March 2021, asking them about their experiences at work and the impact of Covid-19.

It found that the main cause of burnout was anxiety about the future, experienced by nearly half the respondents polled (46%). Limited social interaction (35%), working longer hours (36%) and increased demands from senior leadership (28%) were also cited, along with home schooling at the same time as trying to work (26%).

While just a fifth had taken time off work due to burnout (21%), more than half (55%) said they would like to take time off work. More than a third (36%) said they couldn't take time off work due to their workload being too great, while 33% said their team needed them to stay in work. Just under a third said they feared taking time off would hinder their career progression (32%), while around one in six (16%) said it was not permitted by senior management.

For those who have experienced burnout, the survey found that just one in five (20%) turned to their GP for medical support, while a third took time off as annual leave or sick day to disguise why they were really in need of time away from their job.

The survey also revealed anxieties from some workers about having to go back to the office before they are ready (17%), while a similar percentage think they are likely to face increased pressure at work as lockdown measures are eased (16%) or are fearful that the culture at work will get worse as restrictions are lifted (12%).

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