64% of UK adults are happy to receive coronavirus vaccine, reveals survey

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2nd December 2020 11:26 - Health

64% of UK adults are happy to receive coronavirus vaccine: A survey has found that almost two-thirds of UK adults would be happy to be have a coronavirus vaccine when it becomes available to them.

The research by Keele University and King’s College London polled 1,500 nationally representative Brits via an online survey, also finding that just 9% would be 'unlikely' to take the vaccine.

Just over a quarter of respondents said they were 'unsure' (27%).

The team found that certain groups were more likely to be happy about being vaccinated against Covid-19, including those who have previously been vaccinated against the flu virus, people in older age groups, and those who had a greater perceived risk of the disease. It also found that those who had more positive belief systems and views around vaccination were more likely to be willing to get a coronavirus vaccine.

The survey was conducted in mid-July, but it is intended that it will be conducted again to collect a more up-to-date view of attitudes towards Covid-19 vaccines.

Dr Sue Sherman, joint author of the report from Keele University's School of Psychology told PA: "When we next collect data, whether the acceptability has gone up or down will really depend on what new information is coming out about vaccines at that point in time - which is why right messaging around vaccines is so important."

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