8 out of 10 adults in England plan to modify their lifestyle in 2021, according to poll

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15th January 2021 09:19 - Health

8 out of 10 adults in England plan to modify their lifestyle in 2021: A Public Health England survey has revealed that 8 out of 10 of the adult respondents polled are looking to change their lifestyle in 2021.

The survey, which was conducted across England, polled 5,000 adults, also revealing that Covid-19 is motivating 7 out of 10 to lead a healthier lifestyle in the new year.

There was also positive news when it came to smoking and drinking, with 43% of the regular smokers polled saying they plan to give up in 2021, and amongst those who have increased their alcohol during the second lockdown, 45% are planning to reduce how much they consume in 2021.

In the age category 40 - 60 years, two-fifths said they will be eating more healthily (40%), while 41% plan to do more exercise, and 39% plan to lose weight.

Negative behaviour changes in 2020

The survey asked people about how their behaviours had changed in 2020 due to living with the threat of Covid-19. It found that a third of respondents (35%) admitted to eating unhealthy food and drink at last once a day, which was up from 26% the previous year.

Three in 10 (30%) said they had exercised less towards the end of 2020, while 29% of smokers reported smoking more during the second lockdown. They attributed smoking more to having money worries (41%) and being worried about their physical and mental health (42%).

Almost a quarter of people who drank at least one unit of alcohol a week reported that their alcohol consumption had increased during the second lockdown.

To support the public in making these changes, Public Health England (PHE) has launched its latest ‘Better Health new year’ campaign.

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