Alcohol may have harmed more than 12,000 children, research shows

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17th November 2014 11:03 - Health

As part of Alcohol Awareness week, Drink Wise have revealed shocking figures from a recent campaign. The figures show that over 12,000 children living on The Wirral, who are under 16, have been hurt as a result of another person’s drinking habits.

The campaign, which is being launched today (17th November 2014), aims to protect children from future alcohol-related dangers, by identifying the need for minimum pricing on alcohol.

The figures show that one in five adults admitted to being aware of a child who has been harmed by another person’s drinking.

As a result of other peoples’ alcohol consumption, 1,500 children have been worried, anxious or upset and 760 children’s mental health has been impacted.

Relating to physical wellbeing, 380 children are in physical danger and 250 have missed health appointments at the hands of their parents/guardian’s drinking.

Alcohol has seriously impacted children’s relationships at home as it is revealed that 1,000 are being neglected.

Also, it was found that 1,000 children have missed days of school and 630 children have missed leisure activities.

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