Approximately 50 per cent of Brits support cannabis legalisation, survey finds

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11th April 2016 16:39 - Health

According to a recent survey - which explored the public’s attitudes towards cannabis - 47 per cent of people support the legalisation of marijuana.Approximately 50 per cent of Brits support cannabis legalisation, survey finds

When looking at the levels of support within different regions in the United Kingdom, it was found that 58 per cent of the Scottish respondents supported the decriminalisation, which was the highest percentage of in the UK. Closely following Scotland was London, with 54 per cent and 37 per cent in the North East.

On the other hand, the researchers discovered that 39 per cent of people throughout the United Kingdom were against legalising cannabis through licensed shops. A further 14 per cent said that they were not sure where they stood on the debate.

The survey was conducted on behalf of The Independent and gathered the opinions of 2,000 people.

The results came following Norman Lamb, the Liberal Democrat’s health spokesman's, claims that he wants cannabis to be decriminalised to stop criminals making a profit on the class B substance.

According to the results, 53 per cent of males are more likely to support the licensed sale of cannabis than females are (41 per cent).

Head of External Affairs at the Transform Drug Policy Foundation, Danny Kushlick, said that millions of people want the government to get a grip of the cannabis trade.

Kushlick said: “Yet neither Jeremy Corbyn nor David Cameron will genuinely discuss legal regulation.

“Unless and until they show leadership on the issue, the drugs trade will remain in the hands of organised criminals and unregulated dealers.”

The Liberal Democrat party commissioned research which suggested that the class B drug should be available in over-18, specialised shops. The research explored the opinions of police chiefs, scientists and academics.

Last month, Norman Lamb said of the topic: “A regulated market in the UK will take profits out of the hands of organised crime and reduce both health and social harms.”

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