Boroughs with Worst Rates of Obesity Revealed in Health Survey

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12th September 2011 17:19 - Health

The latest national health survey has revealed adults in the Gateshead and Tamworth boroughs to have the highest rates of obesity in the country.

Health profiles were compiled for the Department of Health using data from local health authorities, schools and other sources.

The other boroughs in Britain to break the 30% barrier for adult obesity were Swale and Medway in Kent.

This level of obesity shown in these four boroughs was predicted by the Government to be the national average, but not until approximately 2025.

North and South Tyneside are also rated as having a “significantly worse” proportion of obese adults than the national average of 24.2%.

The survey further found that Westminster has the highest level of childhood obesity in the country, while Gateshead ranked as having the highest volume of obesity among schoolchildren on Tyneside, with 22.4% of year six pupils judged to be obese.

Gateshead Council is currently making efforts to address the issue, such as encouraging fish and chip shops to use lower fat frying oils plus restricting the number of fast food outlets near schools.

Cabinet Member for Healthier Communities, Mary Foy, commented: “The North East has some of the worst health inequalities in the country caused by higher levels of smoking, alcohol and obesity. This is largely due to our industrial past and mining economy.”

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