Britons get drunk more frequently than people in 35 other countries, according to survey

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16th May 2019 11:51 - Health

Britons get drunk more frequently than people in 35 other countries: A global survey into the drinking habits of people around the world has found people from the UK get intoxicated more often than people in 35 other countries polled.

The survey questioned 120,000 sustance-users from 36 countries and found that Brits consume alcohol to the point of being drunk 51.1 times in a year - which equates to almost once a week. The US was slightly behind the UK with an average number of 50.3 days, followed by Canadians who reportedly get drunk 47.9 times per year, people in Austria (47.4), Denmark (41.7) and India (41).

The average number of days for all the people surveyed was 33 days in the last year. The number of people globally who said they would like to get drunk less in the next year was 37.8% while in the UK the figure was greater at 42.5%.

The Global Drug Survey 2019, of more than 120,000 substance-users worldwide, also revealed that England has the highest rate of people who have tried cocaine in the world.

Cocaine use on increase 

Almost three-quarters of respondents polled in England (74%) admitted that they had used cocaine in their lifetime, which is considerably higher than the average global figure of 43%. Also striking is that when asked if they had taken cocaine this year, 64% said they had, up significantly from 2018 when it was 43%. Looking to the future, 43% of respondents said they would like to take less cocaine in the coming year.

When asked about supporting a free-trade regulated cocaine market, more than seven out of ten respondents polled said they would, with 85% saying in these circumstances they would be prepared to pay an average of 25% more for it.

People seeking Emergency Medical Treatment globally

In terms of people seeking Emergency Medical Treatment (EMT) after taking a drug, Heroin was the number one substance globally, followed by novel drugs and methamphetamine, SCRAS (like synthetic cannabis), GHB and alcohol. The sixth most common drug taken causing poeple to need EMT was MDMA followed by Cocaine, Amphetamines, LSD, Ketamine, Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms in tenth position

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