Britons more likely to ignore diet recommendations from overweight doctors, survey finds

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30th December 2014 14:58 - Health

A survey commissioned by the Royal Society for Public Health has found that British people are more likely to ignore advice, about their diet, from overweight doctors and nurses.

The survey, which polled 2,100 British people, found that 41 per cent of Britons would ignore a doctor’s health-related advice, should they be overweight or obese themselves.

Just 17 per cent said that they would take on board the suggestions.

In contrast with this, 59% would follow diet advice of a doctor, who was not overweight.

Should an overweight doctor give advice about exercising, 48 per cent of Brits would be less likely to listen to them.  Only, 1 in 10 (9 per cent) would heed it.

51 per cent of those who responded said that they would take advice from an overweight nurse.

The Royal Society for Public Health also found that 32 per cent of British people would take health and exercise recommendations from a fire fighter of normal weight.

Similarly, 44% would listen to a pharmacist of a healthy weight and 16% would listen to a hairdresser.

18 per cent of females were more likely to take tips from a thin celebrity and 20 per cent would listen to a hairdresser who was of a normal weight. Only 11 per cent and 12 per cent of males would do the same, respectively.

An alternate survey has found that 20 per cent of Britons would go to extremes, such as losing a finger, in order to achieve the perfect body.

The survey also found that one in five adults have skipped a meal in order to lose weight.

A quarter of the respondents find it difficult to keep a steady exercise and diet routine, the same survey found.

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