Employee Healthcare Costs Rising in EMEA, Finds Survey

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4th June 2013 11:13 - Health

Research carried out by Mercer Marsh Benefits has suggested that the cost to companies of providing health-related benefits rose by 3.6% in 2012. The survey, which garnered views from over 500 companies across 16 EMEA states, found that pressures varied from country to country.

In Spain, Portugal and the UAE the rising uptake of healthcare was cited as the leading cause of cost pressures, whilst in the UK cost increases were put down to the impact of an increasing number of large claims – such as those for cancer treatment.

French firms blamed changes to regulation and legislation, which obliges companies to implement a minimum level of healthcare provision if nothing is in place.

The average cost of health benefits in the EMEA region was 3.9% of total payroll in 2011 – far below the equivalent cost in the United States, which was around 13%.

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