Fewer young adults and teenagers report hesitancy towards getting the vaccine, reveals survey

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2nd September 2021 12:18 - Health

Fewer young adults and teenagers report hesitancy towards getting the vaccine: A recent survey by the Office of National Statistics has revealed a decline in the number of young adults and teenagers who feel hesitancy towards getting the coronavirus vaccine. 
The survey of over 15,000 Brits aged 16 and over also revealed that hesitancy from those aged 18 to 21 has almost halved from 9% to 5% and from 14% to 11% for 16-and-17-year-olds. In addition, hesitancy among 22-25-year-olds dropped, although not as much as younger adults, from 10% to 9%.
The study also uncovered a disparity in hesitancy towards the vaccine, depending on where the participant lives. Adults who live in more deprived areas are more likely to show hesitancy towards getting the vaccine (8%) than people who live in less deprived areas (2%).
Furthermore, ethnicity and religion have an impact on the participant’s views towards the vaccine, suggests the survey, with 14% of Muslim adults showing hesitancy, in comparison to 4% of Christian adults who feel the same. In addition, over one in five black or black British adults state hesitancy towards getting the vaccine, compared to 4% of white adults sharing the same views.
The biggest fall in results of adults reporting hesitancy, in terms of location, was found in West Wales and The Valleys (11%-5%); London also had a high drop in hesitancy, falling from 11% to 7%. It was found that the places where hesitancy was initially higher, saw the greatest drop in total.
Overall, public opinion towards the vaccine is mostly good found the survey with 96% of those surveyed having a positive sentiment towards the vaccine; with just 4% reporting hesitancy.

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