First Results of ONS National Wellbeing Survey Published

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24th July 2012 15:31 - Health

The Office for National Statistics (ONS), commissioned to carry out market research that measures “national wellbeing” beyond economic indicators like GDP, has now published its first results.

Since April 2011 the Integrated Household Survey has been asking Britons how satisfied they are with their lives, whether they think the things they do are worthwhile, how happy they feel and how anxious they are.

The data results showed that teenagers and those above retirement age are the happiest, while people who are married, have jobs and own their own homes are the most likely to be satisfied with their lot in life.

A total of three-quarters of respondents aged 16 and over rated their life satisfaction as 7 on a scale of 0 to 10, while 45% of the unemployed gave a satisfaction level below 7.

In line with today’s results, the ONS has also published a paper outlining the areas on which it will focus on to arrive at a complete assessment of national wellbeing – the revised list of key indicators (including health, employment status and relationships) has been based on the outcome of 1,800 responses from the public.

Programme Director for the ONS programme, Glenn Everett, commented: “Understanding people’s views of wellbeing is an important addition to existing official statistics and has potential uses in the policy-making process and to aid other decision-making.”

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