Half of gay men with depression have thought about suicide, survey finds

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3rd September 2015 11:53 - Health

A recent survey by GMFA, in partnership with FS Magazine, has revealed that half of gay men who have experienced depression have thought Half of gay men with depression have thought about suicide, survey findsabout committing suicide. The research also found that 24 per cent of gay men have admitted that they had tried to kill themselves and another 54 per cent said that they have had suicidal thoughts in the past.

Of the 600 per cent of people who took part in the survey, 70 per cent said that the main reason for the depression and suicidal thoughts was low self-esteem. As well as this, some respondents said that they had wanted to kill themselves as a result of relationship problems, feeling isolated and not deeming themselves as attractive.

Editor of FS Magazine, Ian Howley, said of the findings:

“While citing many reasons for their thoughts and actions, it became clear that it’s more than just sexuality that’s the issue for gay men, although sexuality has a big part to play.

“In our gay men and mental health survey 24% of the gay men who responded said they had tried to kill themselves while 56% said they thought about it.”

The findings also showed that gay men who are diagnosed with HIV also experience depression and thoughts of suicide.

Chief Executive of GMFA, Matthew Hodson, said of the findings:

“HIV remains one of the most stigmatised of all health conditions.

“Rates of depression among gay men with HIV are twice as high as they are among other gay men, affecting about one in every four men. And depression in men with HIV can lead to poor adherence, which can have a major impact on their physical health as well.”

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