Half of patients would travel 100 miles to evade hospital-acquired infections

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22nd January 2015 15:58 - Health

A survey of 2,003 people in Britain has found that nearly half of patients would travel up to 100 miles for medical treatment, to evade catchingHalf of patients would travel 100 miles to evade hospital-acquired infections hospital-acquired infections (HAI), if their local hospital had a high rate of people catching a HAI.

The percentage was the same for those who would travel 100 miles to avoid superbugs, such as MRSA.

Of the respondents, over 4 in 5 (83%) would travel 20 miles to avoid catching an infection in hospital.

Over three quarters (76%) would demand to be referred to an alternative hospital, should their local institution have poor records for cases of hospital-acquired infections.

Nearly all of the respondents (96%) felt that tackling hospital-acquired infections should be in the top ten priorities for the NHS.

However, 68% claimed that the NHS should prioritise increasing the amount of nurses available to treat patients.

The report concluded that the NHS should not be ignoring hospital-acquired infections, and should be actively taking measures to combat this issue.

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