Health Poll Finds Britons Neglecting Correct Exercise Routine

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25th July 2012 16:15 - Health


A poll of 1,000 people by muscle specialists Deep Heat and Deep Freeze has found that on average, the nation is failing to exercise regularly or safely.

According to the survey results, millions of Britons don’t get enough exercise, and those that do play sports often neglect to warm up and cool down correctly.

Despite urges and warnings by health experts, who advise adults to take 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity at least five days per week, the study discovered that only 30% of the respondents do at least 30 minutes of even gentle activity daily.

A spokeswoman for Deep Heat and Deep Freeze, Sally Evans, commented: “The survey shows that all too many of us are failing to take enough exercise - though hopefully the inspiration from this summer's sporting action will help get many coach potatoes off their sofas.”

In addition, the findings also showed that one-third of people fail to warm up before exercising, while two-thirds do not cool down afterwards.

Ms Evans warned however that failure to warm up and cool down properly can lead to problems. This was backed by the poll, since nearly half of the surveyants had previously had suffered a sports or exercise injury.

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