Healthcare Professionals View Coalition’s Health Reforms Negatively, Survey Shows

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1st September 2014 15:05 - Health

The majority of healthcare professionals believe the impact of the coalition’s health reforms have been negative, according to an online poll conducted by Civil Service World (CSW).

The survey, which was carried out in July, quizzed 3,628 public sector healthcare professionals on whether or not they felt the reform had been positive or negative.

Collectively, just 172 (5%) thought the reform has had a positive impact, compared to the 38% (1,388) who felt it has had a negative effect. One third responded by saying the reform had had a mixed impact, while around one sixth (17%) stated it was too early to tell and less than one in 10 (8%) said they did not know.

Healthcare professionals occupying managerial roles showed less uncertainty - just 3% said they were unsure of the impact - and more negativity - more than two fifths (41%) felt the reform had had a negative impact - 3% above the average.

Further analysis from the survey also indicated that board members expressed the most positivity (15%) and that directors responded with the highest rate of negativity (51%). Heads of service (48%) and clinicians (44%) also viewed the impact of the coalition’s health reforms poorly.

Administrative and support team member staff were considerably more optimistic though, with just one fifth (21%) of the 474 participants viewing the impact of the reform as negative.

According to CSW’s survey, healthcare professionals who deliver frontline service were slightly less opposed to the impact of the coalition’s reform than other healthcare workers.

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