International Study Sees UK Ranked Best for Online GP Services

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16th November 2012 13:42 - Health


A global survey has shown that the UK is leading the way when it comes to family doctors using digital services to facilitate their performance.

The Commonwealth International Health Policy Survey questioned nearly 8,500 primary care doctors across North America, the UK, France, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand

It was revealed that over two-thirds of GP practises in Britain operate in a multi-functional digital capacity, such as being able to order prescriptions or diagnostic tests online and managing patient lists or generating patient information electronically.

A total of 97% of UK GPs use digital medical records, and British doctors also provide more after-hours care for patients than any other country surveyed.

Furthermore, GP respondents in the UK have the highest rates of electronic performance reporting, with 84% claiming they receive and review data on clinical outcomes.

Nevertheless, giving patients advice online via social networks is not viewed as the best course of action by the General Medical Council (which regulates doctors in the UK), since GPs could become overwhelmed by a flood of patients asking them questions on Facebook and Twitter.

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