Major NHS Patient Survey Data Gives Rise to Useful iPhone app Rating Local GPs

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22nd June 2012 17:08 - Health

The Department of Health's national GP patient survey, which analysed 11 million patient responses, has given rise to a useful new iPhone app that rates all 8,344 GP surgeries across the UK.

The app, created by, has been designed to allow NHS patients in Britain to choose the best doctor and also make more informed decisions about their healthcare.

Patients will be given the choice of either entering their postcode or using GPS to locate their closest GP surgeries. A list will then be provided along with star ratings to allow for effective comparisons.

Mark Barrett of explained that following from experiencing a disappointing experience with the care his son received at a local surgery. he was able to create the app by drawing on the NHS patient survey data which was released as part of the government's transparency agenda.

He commented: "After searching online, I realised I didn't have enough feedback from other patients to help me make an informed choice about the best GP surgery to register with. So instead I used government transparency data and found that by linking up different spreadsheets I could find a better GP surgery that I knew listened to their patients and could see us quickly. I decided to use data to build a simple app, transforming the data into star ratings so others could make informed decisions about their healthcare too."

The new app has proved how survey findings can be turned into key tools that improve people’s lives - Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has also said he wants these types of apps to become "the norm" in healthcare. 

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