Market Research Finds Alcohol Related Hospital Admissions Rise To More Than One Million A Year

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4th June 2013 11:39 - Health

According to figures released by the National Health Service (NHS), an estimated 1.22m admissions to hospital were at least partially the result of people drinking too much alcohol – marking an increase of 51% over the last nine years. The number of admissions for which alcohol consumption was the main cause increased to more than 200,000 – up 40% on 2002-3 and a rise of 1% on the previous year.

Three in five of those people for whom alcohol was the main cause of their admission to hospital were men, and levels of admission were highest in North-west England, with the East of England having the lowest rates.

In addition, prescriptions to treat alcohol dependency outside hospital also continue to rise, with nearly 180,000 being dispensed in 2012 - an increase of almost three quarters since 2003.

Nick Sheron, the Royal College of Physicians’ adviser on alcohol said that the figures demonstrated the ‘huge strain’ alcohol abuse put on society and that this strain was ‘being driven cheap alcohol’. Mr Sheron stated that a minimum price per unit for alcohol would be effective in tackling the problem.

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