Market Research Identifies Key Health Concerns in Five UK Cities

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17th September 2012 15:37 - Health

A pan-European survey, led in the UK by the Universities of Manchester and Liverpool, has uncovered key health factors which they hope Government policymakers will address.

Called the largest ever health and lifestyle survey of cities and conurbations across Europe, the study covered 26 European hubs, including five British urban centres.

In terms of depression and anxiety, England's Greater Manchester and Merseyside regions were discovered to be problem areas with higher than average ratings, along with cancer and respiratory disease.

Obesity within Manchester and Liverpool's populations was also higher than the average of those cities studied, as was heavy drinking (especially amongst the younger demographic).

On the positive side however, people in Manchester were found to eat considerably more fruit and vegetables than the average Euro city, along with having more green spaces to enjoy.

Liverpudlians were seen to smoke less than the European average, but had a lower-than-average perception of their personal wellbeing.

The other three UK cities analysed were Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow. Brummies showed fewer propensities for heavy drinking and smoking than most other cities, although they were identified as being prone to respiratory disease.

In the Welsh capital of Cardiff, depression and anxiety among adults were higher than average, but male cancers and deaths among women from circulatory diseases were much lower than the norm amongst other European cities.

Meanwhile, Glaswegians in Scotland were on par with the Euro-26 average for drinking and smoking, but mortality from cancers and respiratory diseases were key concerns highlighted in the European Urban Health Indicator System.

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