Market Research Shows Increased Testicular Cancer Survival Rates in the UK

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29th July 2013 11:45 - Health

Charity, Cancer Research UK, recently released findings which show that the ten year survival rates have increased by almost a third (30%) in the past forty years.

In the early seventies, the chance of surviving testicular cancer in the UK were just over two thirds (68%), however, by the early nineties this rate had increased by over a fifth (20%), to nine tenths (90%). The latest figures from 2009 now reveal that for every 20 men who contract testicular cancer, more than 19 will live at least another decade (96%).

Cancer Research UK reported that the attention now needed to be focused on the remaining 4%.

Dr Harpal Kumar, the Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK, said:

“For some types of cancer, the word 'cure' is almost a reality - 96% of men with testicular cancer are now cured. But it's important we recognise the four per cent who aren't surviving the disease…”

Katherine Mutsvangwa, from The Male Cancer Charity, Orchid, said:

"There has been a lot of awareness of testicular cancer in the time. Men are presenting earlier, before it has spread to other parts of the body... the 4% of patients who were not surviving tended to be diagnosed much later or with ‘much more aggressive’ testicular cancer.”

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