Market Research Survey Backs Call for More Legislation to Cut Adult Smoking Rates

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26th June 2013 11:54 - Health

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) said the Welsh government must take “bold action” after survey figures are reviewed.  Campaigners are now calling for more legislation in an attempt to cut the number of adult smokers in Wales as figures reveal just a 1% decline in six years.

The survey showed that over one fifth (23%) of people still lit-up despite the 2007 ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces. After the figures came to light the Welsh government admitted it needed to do more to cut smoking in adults.  Elen de Lady, Chief Executive of ASH in Wales said:

"The Welsh government needs to look at banning smoking in cars and around children.”

Health campaigners questioned the work of the Welsh government and their attempts to meet the smoking reduction target of over a tenth (16%) by 2020.  With research findings showing only a 3% decline in smoking since 2003-2004 and figures remaining static from 2010. Ms De Lancy continued to say:

"The Welsh government has set an ambitious target of 16% smoking prevalence by 2020 and it is hard to see how we are going to reach this target if things remain the same in Wales.”

The survey also revealed that adults in Wales are getting fatter, with three in five being overweight or obese and less than a third (29%) being physically active on five or more days in the past week. Only one in three (33%) reported eating five or more portions of fruit and vegetables the previous day.

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