Market Research Survey Reveals Patients Fear Long Term Care

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16th August 2013 14:49 - Health

A recent survey produced by UK firm KPMG, found that throughout the UK just over a tenth (12%) of individuals are “very confident” the NHS will be able to provide long-term care, and that it will only be secure if health and social care is paid for through a combination of state and family funding.

Of those surveyed – over half (52%) of people in the southeast argued that taxes should rise to meet the health needs of the UK’s ageing population.

Andrew Hine, Head of Health at KPMG, said:

“Few, if any, societies have truly faced up to the magnitude of the crisis of long-term care… All too often the debate over finance seems to overshadow the scale and gravity of the wider challenge which is – and always should be – delivery of quality care for patients.”

Seven in ten (69%) patients suggested that they would want both paid professional staff and family members to look after them, while under half (45%) accepted that nursing homes will provide the best support in later years.

The survey also revealed that nine out of ten (90%) respondents believe the government should be paying for long-term health care, while a tenth (9%) said they won’t have to make a contribution beyond taxes. In addition, half (50%) said that public services, such as defence or education, should be cut to make room for healthcare costs.

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