Maternity care has improved since last year, health survey reveals

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16th December 2015 12:35 - Health

A recent poll of more than 2,000 women, who gave birth to a child in February 2015, has revealed that there have been improvements in manyMaternity care has improved since last year, health survey reveals areas of maternity care since 2014. For example, more women were given the option to choose where they wanted to give birth and nurses regularly checked on womens' mental wellbeing, such as mental health and state.

However, the survey did discover that not all of the women in the survey had a midwife with them when they wanted one. As well as this, some women also found it difficult to get help within a reasonable period of time.

Whilst in labour, 64 per cent of the respondents said that they always managed to get someone to help them within a good time frame, however, after giving birth, this figure dropped to 54 per cent.

The respondents were also asked about whether they were left unsupervised during birth and labour. Of the women, 14 per cent said they were left on their own during the early stages of labour, up 1 per cent on 2013. As well as this, around 9 per cent were left on their own during the later stages of labour and 8 per cent were left alone post-birth. A further 2 per cent said that they were left alone during the birth of their child.

Of the respondents who said that they had concerns during labour or birth, just 18 per cent said that their worries were taken seriously.

Approximately 54 per cent of the respondents said that they were always given advice and support about feeding their child if it was needed, even during weekends and evenings, however, 24 per cent said that they were given no advice at all. A further 22 per cent said that they only has access to support occasionally.

Although, trust and confidence in midwives, during birth and labour, has risen from 78 per cent, to 80 per cent.

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