More than half NHS staff considering leaving their role, according to survey

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11th April 2019 14:31 - Health

More than half NHS staff considering leaving their role: A survey of NHS workers has found 51% are thinking about leaving their current role, with just over a fifth (21%) saying they are thinking of leaving the NHS altogether.

The NHS England survey takes place every year and is the biggest of its kind, pulling together the opinions of NHS workers in a variety of roles. In 2018 46% of those invited to take part in the survey responded meaning the number polled was almost 500,000.

It found that the levels of stress felt by NHS employees is at its highest level for five years with almost four in ten (39.8%) stating that they felt unwell due to work-related stress.  Almost three in ten (28%) have experienced back pain due to their work, up from 26% in 2017.

When it comes to taking positive action to improve the wellbeing of employees, just 28.6% said they felt their trust did so. While in 2017 the rating given for overall staff health and wellbeing was 6.0 in 2018 it has dropped to 5.8.

More than three-quarters of those polled said they felt under unrealistic time pressures for some or all of the time - another factor leading to feelings of discontentment. More than half of those polled (58%) said they frequently work additional hours which are unpaid. Nearly half (46%) reoprted that their trust was experiencing such staff shortages that their ability to do their own role was being compromised. 

Three in ten said they considered leaving the trust they currently work for 'often', whille just under a quarter (22%) said they were planning to look for a different role within another trust next year. For 16% of respondents, leaving as soon as they could find another role was their objective. 

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