NHS leaders feel Brexit will be bad for Health Service, survey finds

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27th May 2016 12:19 - Health

A recent survey by NHS Providers has revealed that the majority of leaders within the NHS believe that the Brexit would have a negative effect on the health services in the United Kingdom.NHS leaders feel Brexit will be bad for Health Service, survey finds

The NHS Providers questioned 45 Chief Executives and Chairs who worked in hospitals, ambulances, community trusts and mental health services, making the survey the first to ask frontline NHS leadership for their views.

Of the respondents in the survey, 75 per cent said that if Britain left the European Union, there would be negative implications for the National Health Service as an organisation.

According the survey findings, no respondents said that exiting the European Union would be positive for the NHS. Although, 42 per cent claimed that the Brexit could have a beneficial impact on procurement and competition rules which currently affect their trusts.

Of the respondents, 80 per cent said that Britain’s exit of the European Union would have a negative effect on trust’s ability to recruit staff in health and social care.

In some areas, such as care work and nursing, the NHS relies heavily on employing professionals from elsewhere in Europe.

A further 80 per cent of the respondents said that exiting the European Union would decrease access to funding for research and innovation. When looking at overall funding, 40 per cent of the research participants believed that there would be little or no effect. On the other hand, 38 per cent said that there would be either some or a very negative effect. Further to this, 65 per cent believed that access to shared learning, networks, shared knowledge for clinical trials and other research and innovations would also suffer.

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