One Third of Brits Have Not Exercised in the Past Year, Study Shows

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9th October 2014 12:16 - Health

According to recent research, more than one in five (22%) Britons do not feel fit enough to play sport or exercise around other people.

Almost two fifths (38%) of the survey’s participants said they would like to be more physically active to improve their health, with more than half (54%) of this category saying they did not feel fit enough to exercise with other people.

Furthermore, one quarter (26%) of British adults said they find it hard to motivate themselves to play sport or do more exercise.

In addition, more than one third (36%) of Mintel’s survey sample said they had not played or participated in sport in the past 12 months, with this figure rising to six in 10 (61%) for those over 65 and more than one half (52%) for people aged between 55 and 64.

Furthermore, one in five (21%) Brits who have played sport with their family in the last year said they do not feel fit enough to partake in physical activity with other people.

Almost two fifths (38%) of the parents included in the study said they try to encourage their children to play sport to help them develop a healthy lifestyle, with more than half (55%) of this category stating that playing sport and exercising regularly means you don’t have to worry too much about what you eat.

According to the survey’s findings, more than two fifths (43%) of Britons play two or more sports, with swimming elected as the most popular form of exercise - three in 10 (29%) said they had swum in the past year. Cyling (19%) and jogging (17%) were the second and third most popular choices.

And, finally, Inner and Greater London were found to be the sportiest areas in the UK, with just three in 10 (31%) participants living in this region having not exercised in the last year, compared to the two fifths (40%) in the South East and East Anglia.

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