One in five UK adults 'unsure' about getting COVID-19 vaccine, according to survey

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21st April 2020 17:29 - Health

One in five UK adults 'unsure' about getting COVID-19 vaccine: With the world's scientists working around the clock to find a coronavirus vaccine, a poll has revealed that not everybody is certain that they would actually want to have it, if and when it is produced. 

A survey of around 5,000 people for the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) found that while 81% of Brits would be willing to have a newly found vaccine in order to protect themselves and other people against the illness, almost a fifth said they would refuse the vaccine or that they were undecided about what they would do.

Asked about their reasoning for not wanting the vaccine, or feeling unsure, the top response given was the potential side effects, followed by feeling that they are already immune (believe they have had the virus). Other potential barriers to them feeling happy about getting the vaccine included wanting others to have it before themselves, a lack of understanding over eligibility, as well as rumours read online about the vaccine and what it may contain. 

Speaking of the research, Shirley Cramer, CBE of RSPH said: "It is concerning indeed that, despite this upheaval, a substantial minority remain unsure about the prospect of a vaccination against Covid-19.

"The public should be reassured that vaccines are a safe and exceptionally effective way of fighting infectious diseases like coronavirus, and even in a normal year save two to three million lives across the globe."

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