One in five people surveyed said they have had to perform their own dentistry during pandemic

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17th January 2022 13:58 - Health

One in five people surveyed said they have had to perform their own dentistry during pandemic: A survey by Mydentist polling 2,026 UK adults has revealed that one in five have resorted to 'DIY dentistry' on themselves during the pandemic, with 3% turning to home filling kits and 1% saying they have extracted their own teeth.

Combining results from their survey, with the latest data available, Mydentist, the UK’s largest provider of NHS dentistry said that during the pandemic, many people have been unable to get an appointment with a dentist (56%), with more than half reporting that they have not had a dental check-up for over 12 months (53%).

The research highlights the fact that there are an estimated 16 million people without access to a dentist, due to large numbers of practitioners the NHS to work in private practice. The report also highlights the 'critical shortage' of dentists offering NHS treatment. 

According to the report, there were 951 fewer dentists working within NHS dentistry in 2020/21 than there were the year prior, with 40% of dentists saying they plan to change careers or take early retirement. 

A fifth of people brush just once a day

In another recently published dentistry survey by Colgate, it was revealed that a fifth of people in the UK only brush their teeth once a day, with more than a quarter saying they never use dental floss to help keep their teeth clean. More than a fifth (22%) said they have gone for three or more days without brushing their teeth, however, three-quarters of these say they will get back on track with their brushing soon.

More than a third said the lack of routine during the pandemic has caused them to slip on their dental hygiene, with 5% reporting they replace their toothbrush every six months or more.

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