Over 50s struggle to see a doctor, health survey finds

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7th December 2015 16:06 - Health

A recent healthcare survey of more than 9,000 people has revealed that half of people over 50 find it difficult to see their GP on the day that they becomeOver 50s struggle to see a doctor, survey finds unwell.

Of the respondents, one third said that they find it difficult to secure an appointment to visit their GP in advance, with those aged between 50 to 59 finding it hard to make an appointment either on the same day of falling ill or in advance.

The survey, which was carried out on behalf of Saga Health Insurance, revealed that those who live in London find it the most difficult to secure an appointment to visit their GP on the same day, with 60 per cent saying that they frequently struggle. Of those in Scotland, half of the respondents said the same.

Senior Manager of Health Insurance at Saga Health Insurance, Kevin McMullan, said of the market research findings:

“The last thing people want to do when they feel under the weather is battle to see their GP.

"We need to be encouraging these people to visit their GP rather than put more barriers in the way so that they can get better as soon as possible and carry on with their normal everyday life."

The survey findings were released following another study, which revealed that approximately 1 million patients are not interested in weekend GP appointments.

According to the research findings, 81 per cent of patients said that they do not consider GP opening times as inconvenient. Only 15 per cent said that opening practices at the weekend would make it easier for them to see a doctor. As well as this, just 2 per cent said that they would be able to visit the doctor on a Sunday.

The respondents who said that they were interested in weekend appointments were asked to rank their preferences and 74 per cent said that they preferred a Saturday opening, as opposed to a Sunday.

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