Over 65s Admit To Being Worried About Staying Warm This Winter

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5th November 2013 12:53 - Health

According to a recent survey commissioned by the charity, Age UK, more than a quarter (28%) of the 11 million Brits aged 65 or over are worried about staying warm this winter, while more than half (55%) admitted that they are worried about rising energy bills.

The charity claims that around 24,000 deaths a year occur due to weather related health problems which could be prevented if proper measures were taken.

The research follows up on the government’s cold weather plan, in which it urges people to keep living rooms at 21c and bedrooms at a minimum of 18c. The survey revealed that in reality the majority (80%) don’t know the ideal temperature for keeping warm in bedrooms and living areas.  Further warnings have been published that cold temperatures can increase the likelihood of flu, chest infections, raised blood pressure and other respiratory problems putting the vulnerable at increased risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Caroline Abrahams, Age UKs charity director, said:

"Being cold even for just a short time can be very dangerous as it increases the risk of associated health problems and preventable deaths during the winter."

A new campaign is soon set to be launched by Age UK. ‘Spread the Warmth’ aims to offer over-65s help with winter benefit checks and odd jobs around the house. Other plans include hot meals at local lunch club, home visits and telephone calls through a befriending service for those who my feel isolated.

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