Over half of Brits willing to share personal data with NHS to improve services, survey finds

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3rd October 2018 13:54 - Health

Over half of Brits willing to share personal data with NHS to improve services: Ensuring our personal data is protected is of great importance to the majority of Brits, but it is essential to the development of Artificial Intelligence, say the authors of recent KPMG report, How the UK Can with the AI Race
The report used data from a survey of 2,000 Britons to find out what the public think about AI and data sharing. It found that of all the organisations presented, people in the UK have the most faith in the NHS – with 56% saying they would be prepared to share their personal data to develop AI if it led to an improvement of the Service. 
While over half of respondents would be happy to share their personal data with the NHS,  just 8 percent would be willing to share it with the media, 11 percent with charities and 15 percent, pharmaceutical companies. 
The survey found that the majority of respondents  (53 percent) believed that AI would be beneficial to the NHS. Just one in ten (10 percent) thought the impact of sharing data with the NHS would be negative. 
When it comes to sharing data with the NHS, the top motivations chosen by respondents in favour, were to improve the quality of diagnosis (72 percent) followed by if it would improve the speed of the service (56 percent) and if the NHS could guarantee data was kept secure (52 percent).
Over half of those polled (54 percent) believe the benefits of sharing data with the NHS outweighs any risk, compared to 9 percent who disagreed with the statement. 
The organisations' people were most willing to share personal data with (providing it meant an improved service of capabilities) were as follows:
  • NHS – 56%
  • Banks – 47%
  • Police Services – 33 %
  • None of these – 24%
  • Government – 22% 
  • Pharmaceutical – 15 %
  • Charities – 11 %
  • Media companies – 11 %
  • Internet Companies – 8%
  • Political organisations – 7 %


The survey also found that although 26 percent are worried about data privacy, they also believe AI will have a positive impact on the NHS. Similarly,28 percent believe the use of AI will reduce the number of available jobs, but will have a positive impact on the NHS overall.

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