Over nine in 10 female doctors experienced some kind of sexism in the workplace, reveals survey

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29th September 2021 12:03 - Health

Over nine in 10 female doctors have experienced some kind of sexism in the workplace: A recent survey by the British Medical Association (BMA) has revealed that nine out of 10 female doctors say they have experienced sexism in some form in the workplace.
The survey of nearly 2,500 respondents (82% of which were women and 16% male), also found that GP partners, salaried GPs and consultants the most likely to be treated differently because of their gender; with just 18% of salaried GPs having not experienced sexism while at work.
Furthermore, it was found that doctors with more caring responsibilities and those working part time are more at risk of experiencing sexism while at work; with many saying they don’t feel there is enough cultural or structural support for doctors who have children.
When asked more in-depth questions about the sexism that they had endured while working, 31% of female doctors stated they had experience unwanted physical contact; with just 23% of male doctors having been in the same situation. Furthermore, females working in the medical profession have expressed they don’t feel they get as much support or encouragement as men working the same job.
The study also revealed the impact that sexism is having on doctors and the profession as a whole, with two thirds of females saying it has negatively impacted their life and work; In contrast 45% of men expressed how they believe sexism has affected them positively. 
One of the biggest differences between men and women, in terms of sexism in the medical profession, is the number that say their clinical ability has been called into question because of their gender. Seven in 10 females say their ability to perform their job has been scrutinised due to their gender, compared to just 4% of men who feel the same, according to the research.

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