Parents are increasingly suffering from postpartum depression, according to a new survey

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29th November 2017 13:23 - Health

Parents are increasingly suffering from postpartum depression, according to a new survey

Parents are increasingly suffering from postpartum depression, according to a new survey: With one in four adults already said to have experienced some type of mental health illness, an online survey taken by 1,800 British parents showed a rise in the number of parents who are struggling with an array of mental health problems, ranging from acute stress to postpartum depression.

In light of the mental health awareness campaigns, health professionals are becoming increasingly wary of the effects of postpartum depression on new dads, due to recent statistics. 

Though it is common knowledge that postpartum depression (also known as postnatal depression) typically affects women, further research has found that one in ten fathers are also affected.

Results from the online survey revealed that over 30 percent of mothers experienced a mental health issue following the birth of their child, compared to only 17 percent of men.

The survey also showed that out of 800 fathers, 5 percent felt they were criticized for their parenting, however results found that mothers proved to be the most affected.

Out of the mothers surveyed, over one quarter (26%) said their parents were most critical of their parenting, followed by their partner or spouse (24%) and other family members (18%). In addition, over one tenth (14%) said some strangers have also been critical of their parenting. 

In an attempt to combat their mental health illness, the survey also found that most mothers (60%) turned to their friends or partners (56%) for emotional support, whereas almost one fifth (18%) admitted to looking online for advice.

In addition, more than two thirds of mothers turned to professionals for help, compared to almost one fifth (17%) of fathers. However, 15 percent of mothers and a quarter of fathers said they didn’t receive emotional help for their parenting at all.

In order to resolve the mental health crisis, the NHS’s Five Year Forward View has been put in place to increase the amount of mental health services available in England. However, health professionals are encouraging new parents to speak to their doctor about any wellbeing concerns and are urging parents to turn to family and friends for extra support.

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